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Burn Your Idiomatic Ruby

  • Arne Brasseur
  • 00:18:57

Ruby makes programmers happy because of its elegant style and readable code. Rubyists like code that looks "right". Clever hacks and obscure use of syntax are frowned upon, and code linters and metrics are used to enforce a clean and idiomatic style.

But there's a danger in this attitude. Innovations may look foreign at first, and by discarding them offhand we may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. On the flip side, libraries providing good looking interfaces may be smuggling complexity into your project that is hidden underneath the surface.

  • Ruby, @Clojureverse, @ClojureBridgeDE, @EmacsBerlin. Having a hard time staying on-brand. Not a father. Not a husband. Not a Christian.

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