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Rewriting Code and Culture

  • Sabrina Leandro
  • 00:17:25

This is the story of a company that survived a much needed transformation of its product and codebase, but most importantly, of its culture. There's no real prescription for being agile. It's about the journey a team takes to discover how to best work together and deliver great products.

In this presentation, I'll share a candid view of a team trying to overcome a slow product development process. How we refactored our way out of badly coupled code, moved to continuous deployment, and greatly improved our approach to product and software development.

  • Sabrina moved to London from Brazil, and since 2008 has been helping build Songkick, a live music platform for fans and artists. She enjoys working in cross-functional teams developing useful and delightful products, while focusing on code quality and good software design practices. She wishes the quote on team page about “going to most concerts than anyone at Songkick” was still true.

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