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DevOps Without The "Ops" – A Fallacy? A Dream? Or Both?

  • Konstantin Gredeskoul
  • 00:20:06

Do you need Ops in your new startup? If not now, then when? And...what is Ops?

Learn how to scale ruby-based distributed software infrastructure in the cloud to serve 4,000 requests per second, handle 400 updates per second, and achieve 99.97% uptime – all while building the product at the speed of light.

Unimpressed? Now try doing the above altogether without the Ops team, while growing your traffic 100x in 6 months and deploying 5-6 times a day!

It could be a dream, but luckily it's a reality that could be yours.

  • At Wanelo.com, Konstantin assembled a dream engineering team with a culture of high collaboration, ridiculously high productivity, and low drama. A die-hard generalist and a compulsive problem solver, Konstantin loves building low-cost, horizontally scalable, fully automated fault-tolerant systems, indeed in ruby, which peak of 4000 requests/second. Rubyist since 2006, he has recently fallen in love with Arduino, but his wife doesn't mind.

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