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A Case for Use Cases

  • Shevaun Coker
  • 00:17:40

Wikipedia, the Webster's Dictionary of our generation, defines a Use Case as "a list of steps, defining interactions between a role and a system, to achieve a goal."

If you cut your teeth on RoR, at some point you've probably shuffled domain logic from views to controllers to models to POROs in pursuit of Separation of Concerns.

Now it's time to introduce Use Cases as a contextual, well-defined interface between your Rails controllers and your domain entities. Walk through real examples and learn how these nifty little classes reveal your user stories while hiding implementation detail.

  • Shevaun is a Ruby Developer who loves shaping code into simple, elegant solutions. And then refactoring that code a few weeks later, because what was she thinking?! She is currently enjoying the challenge of being the Purchase Team tech lead at Envato, based in the world's most liveable city.

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